Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Twin Island Villas, we understand that when you are booking your holiday, you will have a few questions about where you are going to stay and what the islands has to offer. This section is here to help with some of the questions that we get asked most often.

If you can’t find what you are looking for here, feel free to send us an email. 

How do I get to Lembongan?

It is possible to transfer by boat from Bali, Lombok, Penida and the Gili Islands. Check out our Getting to Lembongan page for more information.

Are there any ATMs on the island?

There are 3 AMTs on the island. 2 in Jungut Batu village and one at Mushroom Beach. From Twin Island Dive, the closest ATM is about a 10 minute scooter ride to Mushroom Beach.

Are there any money changers (Western Union) on the island?

There are money changers on the island, but they are not official, from a bank or Western Union. The rate of the day is normally less then what you will get in Bali. It is better to change money before arriving on the island.

Is it possible to go snorkeling off the any of the beaches around Lembongan / Ceningan?

The best place for snorkeling from the beach, is in the Mangroves. The Mangroves is about a 20 minute scooter ride from Twin Island Dive. The best spots for snorkeling are only accessible by boat. Twin Island Dive is able to help organize snorkeling trips for you.

What is the best way to explore the islands?

The easiest way to explore the island is via scooter. It is possible to see most of the main sites around Lembongan and Ceningan in an afternoon. Twin Island Dive is able to help you organize a scooter.

What Visa do I need for coming to Indonesia / Bali / Lembongan?

As of 2016, Indonesia issued ‘visa free’ rules for 169 countries. (check here for a full list of countries) If you are from one of the 169 countries, you do not need a visa to visit Indonesia. You can be in country for 30 days under the ‘visa free’ act. If you are requiring to stay longer then 30 days, you are able to buy a ‘visa on arrival’. This paid visa is also for 30 days, but can be extended for another 30 days. If you are wanting to stay longer then 60 days in the country, it is possible to get a 60 day visa from an Indonesian embassy. This visa can be extended for another 30 days, making a total of 90 days.

Is there a pharmacy / hospital / clinic in Lembongan?

Yes there is a clinic in Jungut Batu village that is open 24 hours. There is also a pharmacy inside the clinic. There are a few small pharmacies around the island that stock medical supplies and medicines. The little convince stores around the islands normally stock basic toiletries, first aid and pain killers.

For any major emergence, it is possible to be evacuated, by boat, to one of the larger hospitals in Bali.

How do I get to Penida from Lembongan?

By the Yellow Brigde, in the channel between Lembongan and Ceningan, it is possible to get a small boat over to Penida. These are not commercial transfer boats. Due to this, there are no set departure times or set prices. The locals that use their boats are normally there from 8am until sunset.

How is the internet on the island and are there any internet cafes?

Most homestays, hotels and guest houses on the island have free wifi available for their guests. Twin Island Dive and Twin Island Villas have wifi available. You will find that the internet is not as fast as you would find back home or in Bali. Most wifi contentions are fine for checking emails and social media. There are no internet cafes on the island but a lot of restaurants have free wifi available.

What should I wear while exploring the island?

It is important while you are on land, that you are being respectful of the local people. Men should be wearing a top, when visiting sites and interacting with locals. Woman should keep their bikinis / swimsuits covered while away from the beach. Sunbathing topless is coincided disrespectful. When entering a local’s home or temple, it is respectful to remove footwear.

What is Twin Island Dive’s cancellation policy?

For confirmation of bookings, Twin Island Dive requires a 50% deposit. This deposit is non-refundable, so if you were to cancel your booking, the 50% deposit will be used as the cancellation fee. Medical condition that results in you not being able to dive, will be addressed based on the circumstances.

Can I use Credit Card at shops / restaurants / hotels on the island?

Some of the Western resorts and restaurants will accept Credit Cards, the smaller local ‘Warungs’ will most likely require payment in cash. Credit Card payments usually carry an additional 4-5% bank charge. Twin Island Dive and Villas does accept Credit Card, with a surcharge of 3%.

Where is the nearest beach?

Twin Island Villas is located on the hillside with a view facing towards Nusa Ceningan and as such, we are not on the beach. The nearest beaches are at Mushroom bay or Sandy Bay and are a 10 minute scooter ride away from the Villas.

What is the weather like in Lembongan?

May is the hottest month in Bali with an average temperature of 28°C and the coolest is January at 26°C. August has the most daily sunshine averaging 10 hours a day. The wettest month is January with an average of 90mm of rain falling at intervals but it is also the warmest month to swim in the sea when the average sea temperature is 29°C.