Surfing in Lembongan


Often visitors to Lembongan ask us why Penida, the larger island in the group, is not the main island for tourism? One of the main reason for this, is surfing. Lembongan first became popular due to surfers from Bali looking for that secret perfect wave.

As Bali’s popularity started to grow, there were more people in the water surfing and the Bali waves were getting busy. This is when people started making the trip over to Lembongan. The chance to experience a smaller, more basic and more relaxing Island, which also happened to have some great surf spots.

Once the secret was out, tourism started to grow in Lembongan over Penida, as Pendia was lacking the surf spots.

The three main surf spots in Lembongan are; Shipwrecks, Lacerations and Playgrounds. All three of these spots are in front of Jungut Batu village.

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Named for the playful waves that break over the shallow reef, the small waves provide a great place to learn.

The waves are not always small. During large high tide and an off shore wind, the waves can be a little larger as they break over the reef.

Playgrounds is also the surf spot closes to land. Located on the edge of Jungut Batu Village.

Due to being close to land and good for beginners, this surf spot can be busier then the others.

Surfing Lembongan - Playgrounds

Surfing Lembongan - Lacerations


On the other side of the boat channel from Playgrounds, Lacerations can be a break for all levels of surfers. Located right in the front and centre of Juntug Batu Village.

The way the waves roll over the reef, means that it is easily possible to get an gentle, long ride in the white water if you still learning or a clean surf along the wave from the green water.

This spot’s name is more bark then bite, but there is a good reason for the name. Lacerations is a reef break and when the tide is low, the reef can be exposed along the break. Surfing there at low tide is no recommend as falling from your broad with exposed reef around you, may cause ‘Lacerations’


Still in front of Jungut Batu, but a little further along, towards the mangrove area. The wave is more for experienced surfers. This is due to the need of a bit of control while riding the wave because of the way the reef curves.

Normally, Shipwrecks is the spot with the bigger waves, compared to the other two spots. This is caused by how the underwater topography changes from deep, to shallow, quickly.

This surf spot’s name does not have much to do with surfing but more to do with how the reef curves away from the island. This means that it is hard to navigate by boats.

Surfing Lembongan - Shipwrecks

If you don’t have your own surfboard, or you want to learn, or after a boat ride to the right spot, Monkey Surfing is here to help.

Monkey Surfing is located in Jungut Batu village, right on the beach.